Marilyn McLaughlin

Posted on Jun 25, 2012
Marilyn McLaughlin

“I found Amadea’s work by accident. I had looked on Google for a painter to do some interior painting and up popped Amadea’s website. I instantly loved her work and contacted her to get more information on her paintings. As it turned out, Amadea and I had met years ago during a very important time in my life and to have one of her paintings hanging in my house would have been just perfect, an omen.. I knew I was at the point of no return when Amadea hung Tribal Song on my wall “just to see how it would look”. I knew it would never come down.

I have a love for things African that I really can’t explain. As a Jewish woman I have always been baffled by this intense connection. The dance, music, languages, and people have always connected to some deep part of me. When Amadea told me that this painting had been inspired by the time she spent as a child living in Africa it made complete sense to me. Now I was sure it would never leave my house.

Often I rest on my sprawling couch and dream in to the painting. I feel the cool air, hear the water pouring down over the richly colored earth and rock. I feel calm and inspired, as if I was sitting right there in the heart of a roaring waterfall. I had never bought a piece of art like this before and was concerned that I would tire of it quickly and regret my purchase. In fact, it only continues to grow on me. Sometimes it is simply a beautiful and personal finishing touch on my living room ,bringing in the earthy colors that I was craving. Other times, I indulge and allow myself a momentary escape into the powerful and grounding colors, sounds and smells of this far away, familiar place.”

— Marilyn McLaughlin

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