Paige Morrow Kimball

Posted on Dec 6, 2014

“From the moment I first encountered Amadea Bailey’s art I was drawn to it. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing to my eye, it also touched me on a deep emotional level. I felt connected to Amadea’s themes and ideas and I was totally enamored with her work. Today, two of Amadea’s paintings adorn my walls. Her pieces perfectly compliment the decor in my home and my personal style. When I look at them,  they bring me immense joy and I always seem to discover something new:  A color I hadn’t noticed before, a connection to my past,  or a revelation of some sort.  The reason I love Art is that brings us into the moment and deeper into ourselves, reminding us that we’re here to enjoy our lives.  If Art is a celebration of life, then Amadea’s Art is the Grand Ball.”

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