We first were introduced to Amadea by a friend several years ago at Il Moro, a restaurant where her paintings were displayed. We loved the carefree/happy feeling it elicited in us and wanted to purchase some for our home. After visiting her home studio, we chose two large paintings, one from the flight series, and one from the twin horse series. They both lift up our spirit and add to the ambience of our home. Thank you Amadea for visually enriching our lives!




Halle Berry with one of her recently acquired Amadea Bailey paintings:

The minute I saw her work I was instantly drawn to it. There is something about it that I connect to because so much of Amadea’s soul and spirit is expressed there.

It is work that is easy to be with yet the more I look at it the more I see. Her art moves me, it makes me happy and it makes me think. It also makes me explore my own life.  I have about six of her works. I am a huge fan.

-Halle Berry


 I found Amadea’s work by accident. I had looked on Google for a painter to do some interior painting and up popped Amadea’s website. I instantly loved her work and contacted her to get more information on her paintings. As it turned out, Amadea and I had met years ago during a very important time in my life and to have one of her paintings hanging in my house would have been just perfect, an omen.. I knew I was at the point of no return when Amadea hung Tribal Song on my wall “just to see how it would look”. I knew it would never come down.

I have a love for things African that I really can’t explain. As a Jewish woman I have always been baffled by this intense connection. The dance, music, languages, and people have always connected to some deep part of me. When Amadea told me that this painting had been inspired by the time she spent as a child living in Africa it made complete sense to me. Now I was sure it would never leave my house.

Often I rest on my sprawling couch and dream in to the painting. I feel the cool air, hear the water pouring down over the richly colored earth and rock. I feel calm and inspired, as if I was sitting right there in the heart of a roaring waterfall. I had never bought a piece of art like this before and was concerned that I would tire of it quickly and regret my purchase. In fact, it only continues to grow on me. Sometimes it is simply a beautiful and personal finishing touch on my living room, bringing in the earthy colors that I was craving. Other times, I indulge and allow myself a momentary escape into the powerful and grounding colors, sounds and smells of this far away, familiar place.

— Marilyn McLaughlin


We have known Amadea for 15 years and now have three of her beautiful paintings. Two of them are large and rather monochrome, and we have placed them in prominent spaces in our two homes because we want to see them often. When people visit, invariably, they express wonder at these stunning pieces. The third painting was done for my son when he was 8 years old at his request. It has never left his room and is now placed above his couch to make for a quiet very personal reading area. He loves it.

–Chantal Grindon, Real Estate Executive, writer


Living with Amadea’s paintings is like tapping into the horizon each day, like standing under a waterfall of serenity and creativity that reinvents itself daily and soothes the senses in the process. In the ten years that we have cohabitated with Amadea’s art, we have never grown bored and the fact that the art has inhabited various houses and always found its expression is a tribute to the gift that it is. My only complaint is the lack of wall space we have because Amadea paints on a large canvas, in itself a wonderful metaphor for life.

–Andre Boissier, entertainment executive


I cherish my blue painting by Amadea. It has followed me to various office spaces for the last 10 years.
Everywhere I go it becomes the center of focus. My Amadea piece calms me and makes me happy. People always comment on how serene it is amongst the chaos of my job. I truly appreciate the beauty of it.

–Cathi Carlton, Casting Director


What a treat it has been to spend a third of my life with two beautiful paintings by Amadea Bailey. When I look at these paintings I feel like I enter another world like the fourth dimension of time in a hologram. They are a celebration of life as well as deeply relaxing and peaceful and a welcome contrast to my work in the legal profession.

–Phyllis Coleman, Attorney


I have lived with one of Amadea’s paintings for over five years now. It continues to delight with layers of depth that seem to float over one another, allowing glimpses, from time to time, through each layer to the next.

— Michael Eldridge, Architect, Los Angeles

I always had a dream of having a large painting in my living room. Six years ago my family moved across the country and built our dream house with a huge wall big enough to put up a dramatic and vibrant painting by Amadea. It is a contemporary piece with wonderful textures and drippings of red, orange, green and yellow flowing upward and downward with fanciful bold black dots disappearing behind layers of paint.

We spend many evenings by the fireplace with friends and family and everyone admires this beautiful painting. it brings a most wonderful feeling of warmth and cheer to our living room and it has truly fulfilled my dream.

— Tina Louise, Halpin Bourdeaux, Cape Elizabeth, Maine