My paintings embody the essence of Abstract Expressionism—vibrance, color, action, depth and non-objective beauty.

My intention as a painter is to transmit these expressions to the viewer, to elicit an energetic personal sensory experience.

Growing up in a small village in Kenya, East Africa, I experienced a feeling of freedom and expansion on the vast African plains, with a deep connection to nature and the physical/transcendent world. Going on Safari, attending a multi-racial school, riding horses in the bush.These early years became the bedrock of my artistic enterprise.

My formal art training at Yale University and the New York Studio School gave me structure and the tools to organize and channel my deep love of color, texture and light.

‘My training in the metaphysical and healing arts and my love of dance, surfing, and movement all serve as a catalyst for my energetically driven paintings.

In my studio, time melts away as I journey into an expansive universe, world of space, matter and the elements; where I capture and evoke feelings of abandon, joy, intensity and depth.