Primavera | A work in progress

Posted on May 7, 2012
Primavera | A work in progress


I recently started this new painting called Primavera. It is the fourth painting in a series that I have been working on for a few months. They are all large scale paintings. In this series I have been exploring themes of freedom and flight. Each painting has a suggestion of outstretched wings and has a feeling of expansion and exuberance.

In this painting I am playing with colors that epitomize spring for me…..greens and lavenders and purples. As an expressionist painter I never know what the painting is going to look like before I start. The painting is the PROCESS and it unfolds over time. Sometimes the process is quick and sometimes it takes months and months. Each painting is a unique adventure and exploration.

I come to it fresh every day and let it speak to me . I listen for guidance and am guided by my body and my eyes. I often meditate before I start and ask to be an open vessel for creative ideas and insights to flow through me.

This painting is still in its early stages. I began on the floor as you can see in some of the images. Usually the painting goes back and forth from the floor to the wall and back again. I have also added a few details and upclose shots of the painting.